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  1. Beyond Ideal and Non-Ideal: a Hegelian Alternative to Rawls’ Moral Constructivism
    • Pedro A. Teixeira (Free University Berlin).
  2. Wars of Humanitarian Intervention and the Ethics of Killing in Other Defence
    • Linda Eggert (University of Oxford).
  3. An Epistemic Argument for Equal Opportunities for Political Speech
    • Michael Bennett (University of York).
  4. Killing and Ducking: Self-Defence and Moral Equivalence
    • Christopher Marshall (LSE).
  5. The Cultural Foundation of a Collective Right to Self-Determination
    • Kelly Tuke (University of Bern).
  6. Do I Always Have a Reason to Refrain from Helping to Produce a Harmful Outcome?
    • Bennet Francis (University of Reading).
  7. Let’s Make Luck Egalitarianism Great Again!
    • Catherine Robb (University of Glasgow).
  8. The Personal is (Still) Political – Collapsing the Distinction Between Personal and Political Autonomy
    • James Humphries (University of Glasgow).
  9. Scanlon on Blame and the Moral Relationship
    • Alexander Heape (University of Oxford).
  10. Distributing Ecological Space: Conflicts between Demands of Environmental and Ecological Justice
    • Anna Wienhues (University of Manchester).
  11. State-Sponsored Injustice: Beyond the Agent-Structure Binary
    • Jennifer Page (University of Zurich).
  12. What is Conservatism?
    • Ewan Burns (University of Glasgow).
  13. Collective Responsibility and Racial Inequality: A Social Connection Model
    • Hochan Kim (University of Oxford).
  14. The Ethics of Parenting and Children’s Consent
    • Andrée-Anne Cormier (Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona).
  15. Disability Human Rights, Duty, and the Site of Justice
    • Matthew Palynchuk (Concordia University, Montreal).
  16. The Sense and Nonsense of The Tracing Approach in Theories of Moral Responsibility
    • Wessel van Dommelen (University of Groningen).
  17. Autonomy and the Medical Brain Drain
    • Paul Andrew Tubig (University of Washington-Seattle).
  18. What IS the Harm in Punishment?
    • Helen Brown Coverdale (LSE).
  19. Biting the Hand that Feeds: Against Humane Omnivorism
    • William Gildea (University of Oxford).
  20. Fairness and the Satisfaction of Unequal Claims
    • Thomas Rowe (LSE)