Feedback from the participants!

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7 thoughts on “Feedback from the participants!

  1. This was a really well-organised conference, with a diverse body of participants. It was great to meet people from across the globe and get to hear some cutting-edge research outside of my own subject area.


  2. Thank you for the hard work which evidently went into the careful planning of the Inaugural REAPP Postgraduate and Early Career conference. The event was kept to a size which allowed for a good range of high quality papers and yet allowed for friendly networking over the conference dinner, and carefully planned to avoid clashes between papers likely to attract a similar audience. Each paper was well attended, and I received a range of constrictive and generous comments and suggestions from the participants who heard me speak. As an early career academic, I would like to echo the final key note speaker, Zofia Stemplowska, in her comments that this was one of the highest quality graduate and early careers conferences that I have attended. I have no doubt that in future years this conference will take its place as highly reputable conference for early career scholars. I wish the future organizers luck and I hope I will be able to attend the conference in future years to help celebrate it’s success.

    Dr Helen Brown Coverdale, LSE


  3. I truly enjoyed the REAPP Conference 2017. Aart, Alex, and Josh were fantastic hosts and the conference was spectacularly well organised – everything from the keynote lectures, the timing of food and coffee breaks, and printing handouts to making sure people got on their way home safely. The chairing of sessions was very professional, parallel sessions were scheduled so that both audiences were almost always equal in size, and the quality of the papers that had been selected were both consistently engaging and impressive. There was plenty of time to meet and engage with other participants, the organisers themselves and the keynote lecturers, and the location was both lovely and convenient. I hope the organisers enjoyed the conference as much as the participants did. The time and effort that must have gone into the preparation and organisation was no doubt significant, and is very much appreciated!


  4. This was an absolutely fantastic conference! (For information, I was attending as a keynote, so don’t quite fall into the target of graduate/ early careers.) It was great to see how much exciting and high quality philosophy is being done by graduate/ early career philosophers. I was really, really impressed by the standard of the talks. In addition, the conference was really well organised, managing to combine a packed programme with the feeling that there was lots of time for discussion in between the talks. The atmosphere was friendly and supportive and I think all the speakers got some really helpful feedback.


  5. The first REAPP Graduate/Early Careers Conference was excellent. The conference was well-organised and attracted many good quality papers/presenters. I found it to be a friendly environment in which to present my research and I received much useful feedback and many interesting questions. I’d certainly apply to any future REAPP conferences.

    Ewan Burns,
    University of Glasgow.


  6. As others above have noted, the general standard of papers was excellent, as was the quality of questioning and discussion – this was certainly one of the most consistently interesting conferences I’ve had the good fortune to attend. Aart, Alex and Josh were friendly and remarkably on top of proceedings throughout, and the overall atmosphere was welcoming and stimulating; many thanks are owed to them for their efforts in organising and running the conference, and I would hope that there will be more such REAPP events in future years.

    James Humphries,
    University of Glasgow


  7. It was a real pleasure to be a part of the first REAPP Graduate/Early Careers Conference! It was well-organized and the quality of the presentations and keynote talks were outstanding! The conference gave us the opportunity to hear diverse, provocative works in ethics and political philosophy and meet philosophers all over the globe. It also gave us the opportunity to present works and gain very thoughtful and constructive feedback from the audience. It was a great experience and I thank the organizers–Aart, Alex, and Josh–for giving me the opportunity to participate in the conference.

    Paul Andrew Tubig
    University of Washington, Seattle


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